2 June 2017

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On Friday, June 2, 2017 at 3:09 pm, the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched Mutual Aid to the Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company for the Multi-Vehicle MVC (Motor Vehicle Collision) with Injury, Rock Hall Road (Maryland 20) and Ricauds Branch Road. The incident was in and along a stretch of roadway running through a location known locally as “The Double Woods”.

Rescue Pumper 7 (Rock Hall VFC) arrived on the scene with three (3) vehicles involved, one up an embankment. There were two patients still in the vehicle up the embankment. Personnel from Rescue 6 (Chestertown VFC) handled this extrication. In order to safely remove the patients, a sidewall / door removal was executed on the left side of the vehicle. The patients were packaged for transport. Packaged indicates the process of applying spinal immobilization and transfer to a back board, then subsequent transfer to an ambulance. Both of these patients were subsequently airlifted to a trauma center in Baltimore, Maryland. This was handled by two (2) separate Maryland State Police Aviation helicopters. Engine 6 (Chestertown VFC) covered the Landing Zone, located in the roadway at the intersection of Rock Hall Road (Maryland 20) and Tolchester Beach Road (Maryland 21). As there was a large amount of debris in the roadway, personnel from Rescue 6 assisted with clean-up.

Twelve (12) members from the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company responded. Chestertown units operated on this incident for just over 90 minutes. There were no injuries to emergency personnel.

Photographs by Brad Russum


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