13 April 2018


Need a pool filled? Or just one topped off?? We can help!

With warm weather fast approaching, The Chestertown VFC would like to remind you that we offer pool fills in the Chestertown area. These Pool fills are one of the biggest annual fundraisers for your local, all volunteer fire company.
Our Tanker holds 4000 gallons of water and we will make as many trips as it takes. We charge per load of water and we will change the price if your pool does not require all 4000 gallons.

Price: $150.00 for the first load & $100.00 for any loads after that.
1 Load = 4000 Gallons

**We are now accepting Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.**

Contact: Kyle Thompson 410-708-9955 (If no answer please leave a message)  or email info@chestertownvfc.org


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